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GETLOST Blackout Flag
I Will Not Surende Country, Constitution, or Bill of Rights

If you are not willing to surrender your Country, Constitution, or Bill of Rights to the Domestic Enemies attempting to overthrow our Country, Be part of the solution, and become part of the GETLOST Monochromatic flag Campaign.

The GETLOST Flag is not a political or cultural statement. It is a silent show of strength to warn the domestic enemies attempting to destroy this Country that our numbers are immense. That we will not stand idly by and allow this to take place. We are the majority, not the fringe minority the media would like for us to believe. Display this GETLOST monochromatic flag at your home, business, workplace, church, on your truck, boat, travel trailer, UTV, SUV, golf cart, or auto, to show all we are a massive force, to be reckoned with.



Vertical GETLOST Flag
Vertical Hanging GETLOST Flag
Made in USA
Horizontal Hanging GETLOST Flag
Made in USA
GETLOST Horizontal Flag
GETLOST Flagpole Flags
for your flagpole

Made in USA

This is the very idea this Country was founded on, Freedom! There is a plan, with a goal of returning to flying the full-color flag 5 years from now. Stay tuned and check back often. Phase One, our numbers are immense, and we need to show it! Gain the tactical advantage with a Made in USA, GETLOST blackout flag today. Carbon fiber flag poles with a mount all made in the USA available soon.  

While the Lunatic Fringe will undoubtedly attempt to demonize this idea. Flag historians along with Civil War historians all state there is no past use of a blackout American flag (see video below). The only official use located was the Department of Defense along with NATO stating it is a sign of respect to wear a blackout flag in the presence of others. The US Military and specific Law Enforcement units also use subdued or blackout versions of the American flag.  As you can see, it is not a sign of disrespect, it is used as a tactical advantage.

GETLOST Blackout Flag
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