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GETLOST Range Day is perfect for anyone who wishes to, does, or intends to use or carry a firearm for personal protection, home or business, church, and school security teams, in the line of duty, or simply wants to become more proficient with a firearm for sport.

As we tell all clients "You will not rise to your level of expectation, rather fall to your level of training". We all would like to believe if or when the time comes, we will perform the necessary actions as well as our favorite action actor. Those actors rehearse those actions over and over again to perform them competently on the big screen.
GETLOST Range Day gives you two hours of instructed range time each month to get the skills necessary to safely and proficiently handle a firearm up to par and keep those skills OnPoint with confidence.

You are qualified to attend
GETLOST Range Day if you have taken any of Carry Connections classes; Fundamental Handgun, Essential Handgun, Defensive Handgun, COVID Special Addition, PHASE ONE, First Evolution, or GUARDIANS Verse One.
If you have taken a previous class of ours and believe you need or could use a refresser class.
GETLOST Range Day will serve as that refresher as well as your continuing education.

If you have not previously attended one of our classes click HERE to sign up for the upcoming class that will make you eligible to attend
Range Day

Range Day is the second or
third Saturday of each month.  starts at 1:30 pm, and runs for 2 hours sharp.  limited to 15 people per session to keep a high instructor-to-client ratio.


GETLOST Gun Club, Carry Connection

       $84.00 per month (Subject to availability)

   Call 260-706-1911 or 808-308-3223


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