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Step up to Canik Warrior Class


Due to the limited class size to provide a high instructor to client ratio, along with most classes fill to capacity. Rescheduling to another date is not guaranteed. lf we have enough advance notice and are able to schedule another client in that position, you can reschedule for the next available class. lf advance notice is not given and the position(s) cannot be filled, you are only able to reschedule to a class to a future class that does not fill to capacity.

The BLACK OPS NEXT EVOLUTION SERIES is a program that will help you to adapt & overcome the complexities that we as humanity are all facing. Knowledge, Attitude, Health & Gear will empower you in the emerging WROL (without rule of law) Urban Jungle. The Evolution Series will expand your knowledge not only in the use of firearms but will provide you with the tools to become crisis-proof in the event of nearly any emergency.  Evolution Series is for the person who has realized they cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality of the impending WROL & need to enact preventive actions to preserve their Life. Or for the more advanced looking to gain the Tactical Advantage with a State of Readiness.

We The People can prevail if we stand together.

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